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Caring for our Country

What is Landcare?

Landcare is a volunteer movement between the community, government and business which helps to protect and repair our environment. While Landcare activities had been carried out for many years by individuals and groups, the Landcare movement officially began in 1989 when the National Farmer’s Federation and the Australian Conservation Foundation lobbied the Australian Government to commit to the cause. The Australian Government, with bipartisan support committed to fund the National Landcare Program.

The movement began with initiatives to improved agricultural productivity through sustainable land management. Today, Landcare adopts a broader focus on sustainable management of all of our natural resource assets. It now encompasses individuals and groups across the whole landscape from the coasts to urban centres to remote areas across the country.

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Community Volunteer Projects March-April 201401-Mar-2014

Ph. 07 4944 1979 | Mob. 0447 749 769 Email:


Brandy Creek Walk 02-1416-Feb-2014

Brandy Creek Walk 02-14 WCL has started a program of regular “walks with nature&r..


Community Tree Planting Day Galbraith Creek23-Nov-2013

The recent rain was welcome, but it did make our site at Galbrai..


Seed collecting and propagation01-Oct-2013

With so many local native plant species are flowering and fruiting at this time of year, the Whi..


Sarina Community Day07-Sep-2013

Sarina Community Day Catch Costa in your Community! When: Saturday 7 September, ..

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Central Qld Coast Landcare Network

A Partnership for the Natural Resource Management of Catchments in the Central Qld Coast Bioregion: Pioneer, Sarina and Whitsunday Catchments

Catchment boundaries map

Whitsunday Catchment Landcare (WCL), Pioneer Catchment & Landcare Group (PCL) and Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association (SLCMA) operate to progress environmental, economic and social sustainability in the Mackay Whitsunday region. Each is the peak community based natural resource management organisation (NRM) for their catchment, delivering on themes such as biodiversity; climate; coast and marine; land, water and waterways; indigenous resources and community (as identified in the Mackay Whitsunday NRM Plan).

WCL, PCL and SLCMA often pursue funding for joint NRM projects with the view of improving on-ground outcomes. Each group operates independently of the others in day to day business management.