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Bumpy Ash/Silver Ash

(Flindersia schottiana, fam. Rutaceae)

Flindersia schottiana Flindersia schottiana Flindersia schottiana Flindersia schottiana Flindersia schottiana
Tall slender tree. The trunk often may have ‘bumpy’ protrusions where branches have fallen off. The bark is grey, fairly smooth or finely warted. Bumpy ash is often used in rainforest revegetation and regeneration as it grows quickly, but displays longevity.
Form or habit: Tree
Leaf:Compound Opposite

Opposite, pinnate, up to 28cm long with 8-18 paired leaflets plus a single terminal leaflet. The soft textured, stalkless leaflets, 7-13cm long are slightly curved, unequal sided at the base and taper to a point at the apex. They are dark green above, greyish and softly hairy beneath.

Flower conspicuous: Conspicuous
Flower colour: White
Flower description:Terminal spray of white, honey scented flowers.
Fruit conspicuous: Conspicuous
Fruit colour: Brown
Fruit: Dry
Fruit description: Large, ovoid, five valved woody capsules, about 10cm long and covered in woody spikes. The boat shaped valves of broken fruit release about 30 winged seeds. Fruit reach maturity during December-January.
Habitat:Rainforest,Gallery (Riverine or riparian) forest,Beach Scrub/Littoral Rainforest
Distribution:Eastern Australia from Cape York to Hasting River in New South Wales.
Food source for:
Toxicity:No toxicity known
Weed status:
Information sources: The Mackay Branch Society for Growing Australian Plants. (1989) One Hundred and One Trees of Mackay.

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