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This project is supported by The Central Qld Coast Landcare Network through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country

Caring for our Country

Pioneer Catchment & Landcare Group is supported by Mackay Regional Council through the Natural Environment Levy and Reef Catchments (Mackay Whitsunday Isaac) Limited.

Reef Catchments Mackay Regional Council

Regional Workshops & Field Days - Delivering Skills and Support to Improve Land Management Practice in the Mackay-Whitsunday Region (2010 - Current)

Main proponent:     PCL, SLCMA, WCL
Cash funding:   Australian Government Caring for our Country
Other proponents:  
In kind funding:   Mackay Regional Council, Reef Catchments Mackay Whitsunday Isaac, Queensland Government.

Project outline:

Rural residential landholding is rapidly expanding in the Mackay Whitsunday region. New landholders often have little/no prior experience in managing rural land and many seek technical advice on a range of land management topics. At present there is no relevant industry group or department to deliver this support, which presents a significant, growing risk to biodiversity, waterways and agricultural lands in our region's reef catchments.

The 3 catchment/Landcare groups in the MW region have for 18 months been filling this demand through our Peri-urban program, which benchmarks land management practices and identifies skills gaps and priority issues for land managers in this sector.

Project achievements and outcomes:

The Central Queensland Coast Landcare Network will deliver 6 workshops and 3 field days in the Mackay Whitsunday region. We will engage local partners including Mackay Regional Council, Queensland Government, and Reef Catchments Mackay Whitsunday Isaac to deliver events that address the skills gaps identified through our engagement with the peri-urban sector, and thus improve management practices.

Participants will include our members and contacts, in particular peri urban project participants. We will widely advertise events through local networks and media to raise community awareness of issues and attract participants.

Healthy Soils Workshop (August 2011):

  • In August the first series of workshops was held: RCS delivered a Healthy Soils Workshop to participants from Peri-urban properties, cane and grazing properties. These workshops were held in Sarina (6th August 2011) and Mackay (7th August 2011).


Managins Horses on Small Properties Workshops (November 2011)