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This project is supported by The Central Qld Coast Landcare Network through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country

Caring for our Country

Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association is supported by Mackay Regional Council through the Natural Environment Levy and Reef Catchments (Mackay Whitsunday Isaac) Limited.

Reef Catchments Mackay Regional Council

Equipment available



Usage Fee

Cleaning Fee

Refundable Bond


$5/ day



Hand tools (Hamilton tree planter etc.)

$5/ week; members free



15L knapsack sprayer

$5/ week; members free



Feral Pig Traps





A splattergun is an ideal tool for lantana control, particularly in steeper country or in a forest understorey. Consisting of a 5 litre spray bottle in a backpack, gas canister and handgun, the unit delivers a low volume, low pressure dose of concentrated glyphosate mix to the target plant, with very little herbicide drift. Minimal drift means minimal impact on off-target vegetation, thereby protecting regenerating forest or pasture grasses. As it delivers a low volume dose, there are less refills needed compared to using a 15 litre knapsack foliar sprayer, depending on the level of infestation.

SLCMA will provide an induction into the safe use, cleaning of the unit.

Pig traps

SLCMA has a number of pig traps available for loan by landholders. There are 2 designs: portable box traps which can be transported in a box trailer or ute; and mesh traps which are constructed with a roll of cattle mesh and star pickets on-site.

Anyone interested in hiring any of this equipment should email or call SLCMA on 4956 1338.